Everything is Connected

Have you ever had a feeling that there was something more to your injury or movement problem? More than just the area that hurts or isn't moving the way you want it to?

ConnectTherapy is a model of assessment and treatment developed by Canadian physiotherapist Dr Linda Joy Lee. Within this model she has developed a systematic approach to determining the various underlying drivers or contributors to your movement problem.

These contributing factors are illustrated in the Circles of Influence below:

As you can see there are many factors that can contribute to non-optimal function or performance. With ConnectTherapy we perform a detailed 1 hour assessment to determine all of these factors and develop a treatment plan to address all of them.

This means we don't just optimise your current problem - we optimise your whole system!

Ever heard of neck pain driven by non-optimal foot mechanics?

When you work with one of our physiotherapists trained in ConnectTherapy, you may find some surprising contributing factors to your movement problem.

A breathing problem causing back pain, neck alignment giving you knee pain when you run or shoulder tightness due to poor control of your ribcage or foot pain due to a rotation in your pelvis.

These surprising connections are not uncommon!

By addressing them, we can create change which lasts. We can create change that improves your whole body function - not just the sore spot!

Find your driver and find your true potential!

We often find that many of these non-optimal movement patterns hold people back from doing the things they truly wish to do. When optimal function is restored, anything is possible!

So what are you waiting for? Find your driver and take control of your movement! Life is waiting for you!