Jared Reyes

Physiotherapist - Managing Partner

Jared is an enthusiastic physiotherapist who particularly enjoys helping regular people do amazing things! He treats both musculoskeletal & sports and vertigo, dizziness & balance.

Whether you’re a recent retiree who wants to run a half marathon or a hard working tradie who wants to keep up with the kids – Jared can help you to reach and sustain those goals.

As one of the few ConnectTherapy trained physiotherapists in Australia, Jared has particular skill at putting together the whole story and seeing how a wide range of factors may be impacting on your lifestyle goals.

In his downtime Jared can be found digging the record crates for hidden gems, playing the piano and hitting the trails on his cross bike.

To book online with Jared – choose any location, then First Appointment Extended (or Vestibular for dizziness, balance and vertigo)


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