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Physiotherapy and exercise has been shown to have an equal effect to surgery for management of knee osteoarthritis. Our physiotherapists use hands on therapy, exercise and movement correction to get you moving better faster. 

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“…physiotherapy outcomes in terms of pain and stiffness were equal to those provided with surgery.”

Sihvonen et al 2013

Our 5 step approach to managing knee osteoarthritis

Hands On Treatment

Our physiotherapists don’t use passive (and outdated) treatment techniques. We use hands on and exercise based therapy, grounded in the latest available research.

Assessment of Whole-Body Mechanics

Our physiotherapists look beyond your knee and explore other influencing factors. Your knee pain could be caused by poor foot position or loss of core stability. Everyone is different – let us help you find the underlying cause of your condition

Exercise Focused Therapy

There is an incredible amount of evidence supporting the use of exercise in managing knee osteoarthritis. We can help you with strength, control and weight loss – leading to long term reduction in pain

Packed with Education

Having knowledge about the cause of your knee pain is one of the most important facets of rehabilitation. We take the time to explain and educate – leading to longer lasting results

Faster Results

Our focus is on getting you better faster! We don’t want you coming back in for 1000s of sessions. We know that by doing this, you are more likely to recommend us to a friend or family member.

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